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1// Welcome: I launched this site in March of 2022 to open-source my learning. Here you’ll find my writing, investment portfolio, daily workouts, personal libraries, and more. Ultimately, this site's meant to be: [1] a playground for my curiosity, [2] a papertrail of personal progress, and [3] a fun way to connect with people.

2// Background: I graduated from Stanford in 2019, and started my career on Wall Street. After two years as a financial analyst, I realized a long-term career in finance wasn’t for me. I grew curious about alternative career paths and left my job at Goldman in 2021 to join an early stage startup.

3// Startup Life: Frontier was a social network for investment professionals. I learned a lot there - about relationships, entrepreneurship, biz ops, and more. Part of my job was to interview professional investors. From those conversations, I learned that [1] personal/professional networks and [2] learning in public were both important. It motivated me to launch this site.

4// Currently: Frontier didn’t find product-market fit and we shut down in 2022. I wanted to try something new, so I joined a private equity backed home services company undergoing a turnaround. I’m in the company’s “Resident Leadership Program” working as an internal consultant of sorts. Outside of work, I spend my time learning and building - on this site!

5// Aspirations: As I enter the back-half of my twenties, I worry about not making the most of my time. Right now, I have a great deal of financial, professional, and relational freedom, but I know this won’t last forever. Near-term (next 5-10 years), there are some aspirations I'm aggressively pursuing. Each is centered on the thesis that, with the advent of podcasting, high quality conversation will continue to grow in value.


[1] Depth & Breadth - build a deep knowledge base in core interest areas: human nature, money, fitness, religion, history, and language.

[2] Experience More- increase the volume and variety of experiences: physical, social, spiritual, cultural.

[3] Language Learning - Develop proficiency in: Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian. (As a language novice, this is highly aspirational!)

I’ve met some cool people through this site and hope to meet many more. Feel free to introduce yourself by emailing tyler@tylercho.com with the subject line: "Hi, I'm [Your Name]" (I reply to every email). Or if you just want to keep up with what I'm working on, you can join my private email list:

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